Our Sauces Make A Difference

Each sauce is made with love from the freshest produce sourced from local farmers. The Pauli’s ethos is to empower local women and support emerging farmers. Without the help and support of our suppliers we wouldn’t be able to provide such high quality sauces. Each one of them is incredible and works to give back to our planet and the people of South Africa.

Anytime sauces with no added sugar

Sauces good for every meal

Low Calorie

We aspire to make healthy, no-nonsense food with integrity.  

Know Thy Food – No colourants, Naturally preserved, No additives

We use only the best, hand-picked ingredients in our products and they contain no harmful additives.   

Sugar free and low sodium

3 of our sauces contain no sugar, no Xylitol or any sweeteners. Perfectly suited for those following a Low-Carb, High Fat or Sugar-Free diet. 

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Community Conscious – Social Impact

We support local charities who look after children, adults and senior citizens who suffer from food insecurity on a daily basis.We hope to make a positive social impact by supporting local and emerging farmers. 

Locally Sourced – Best of South Africa

Curating best of South African products by supporting emerging and small-scale farmers. We are passionate about South Africa and it’s beautiful people.

Dip, Spread, Mix, Cook - Versatility

Become a Chef in the kitchen when using our sauces.  We slow cook and curate best ingredients to make your job in the kitchen a dream.   


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