Our TLC initiatives help us ensure that we can provide you with all of the good stuff minus the chemicals and shortcuts.

Yes, you guessed it… TLC is Tender Loving Care Pauli’s style!

Our wonderful staff members each add care and love to every bottle produced in our kitchen.Our ethos is "spreading the love" and we go to great lengths to ensure that the ingredients we use are of the best quality.

We believe in “Conscious Consumerism” and we work with a company called Positive Cycle who are helping communities to grow their own organic vegetables. We buy the vegetables directly from these communities and use them in our production.

Another TLC initiative is Bokashi (also provided to us by Positive Cycle). We use the Bokashi to make wonderful fertiliser from our organic waste in our kitchen. The compost is used by the community projects to fertilise their land. For more information on these initiatives, please visit here.