About US


A little bit about us…. Pauli’s Food Company Our love for good food, along with the need to know exactly where our ingredients come from, started the journey that today is Pauli’s Food Company…

We are an artisanal producer of #RealGoodFood, using only the freshest ingredients and a lot of TLC. Definition: ar·ti·san·al – a product, especially food or drink, made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Pauli’s age-old family recipe – his Nana’s secret Brinjali sauce, that has its roots in her birthplace, India – inspired Pauli to start his own brand of artisanal food products and take his talent of culinary expertise to the next level.

Having a delicious product, coupled with Pauli’s burning desire to make food with integrity and a sensational taste, propelled him and his wife, Dianne, to start their own food brand. This journey began in 2012 and continues today with an assortment of products on offer to you.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us, enjoy the taste sensation!.